I have been driven to do this. I never thought it would come to this, I would be standing at the edge of this bridge. I know at this height, if I jump, I will surely die. But the truth is, this has to be done. For my sanity. You may be wondering why? You would understand if you would have had a day like mine.

It started with my landlord hounding me to pay the rent. I was going to, soon. Just as I would get my salary. To add to my miserable day my car had a flat, I was getting late to office so I decided to go by the bus. I am not very fond of public transport. Everyone is packed like a can of sardines. There is no breathing space. But I had no choice. I had to go. On the bus ride i got pushed around, had my toes crushed and got elbowed in the ribs.

I thought once I reached office, things would be better. Sadly I was mistaken. There were a couple of  emails waiting in my inbox. The first one was from the finance team. It was regarding our salaries. They were getting delayed for another week. I was too disheartened to check the other email, didn’t look important. I wasn’t very motivated to do much work. My boss gave me an hour long lecture on how I was not being an ideal employee. At the end of the day I was drained, stressed.

Before leaving I saw I still had one unread email in my inbox. I opened it.

‘Stressed? Life got you down? Why don’t you just jump’ with an image of a bridge.

That seemed like a good idea.

Eshaan closed his eyes took a deep breath and let himself go. He was falling now. His life began to flash. He saw the people who would miss him. His friends, family. He realized he was lucky to have them. They had always been there for him, in good times and bad. They will be help him now too. All he needed to do was share. He opened his eyes, he was three fourths of the way down. Only a few seconds left now. "This is it." Eshaan shouted. The bungee cord stretched and pulled him up. Eshaan was smiling. This was what he needed. This is how all his days should end.