Night Knight (the full story)

 It was a cold night. You could hear the people shivering on the streets. Detective Beckett walked in the building dusting the snow off her jacket. “What do we have here?” “Was a shooting, ma’am.” “Okay, take me there.” “On the third floor… It’s not pretty… ma’am.” “I’ll be fine.”

She enters the elevator. Its sad, really, one shouldn’t be used to it. But in this city that’s how it’s been, ever since the crash. People have lost their jobs, some of them have turn to crime to pay their bills. At least her jobs secure, but at what cost? This is her third call today. As she entered the apartment she saw that there was a body on the couch, male, with a hole in his head and he still had the remote in his hand.
“What was he watching?” “Tom and jerry.” Someone from the forensic team replied. She nodded as she scanned the scene. The officer was right this is ‘not pretty’. This was surely not done by one of the freshers. It was clean, minus the gray matter on the wall. But one shot to the head, a sign of a good marksman. “Is it just the one body then?” “Yes, but there is more, over here detective.” She walks in to the adjacent room. It seemed there was a struggle here. There were bullet marks everywhere. Either the assailant was that bad or the victim was that good? There was a whizzing sound coming from some where in the room. She started to scan for the source. Her eyes fell on a monitor on the desk, the indicator light was on and there was a little green cursor blinking. She walked closer to it. The servos in the web cam buzzed. the screen read. 'HELLO' "Can you hear me?" 'YES' "Who are you?" 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM' "We are the police. Were you here at the time of the shooting?" 'YES' "Can you come down to the station for more questions." 'NO, BUT I KNOW WHO DID IT.' "Who?" 'SHARP SHOT.' "The assassin?" 'HE IS NO ASSASSIN. HE MISSED ME. :) BIG MISTAKE.' "He shot the guy on the couch." 'THAT WAS HIS PAL.' "What do you mean?" 'FOUND HIM.' "Who?" 'SHARP SHOT.' "Where is he? Let him be, he is dangerous. " 'I KNOW, SO AM I. :)' 'I'LL SEND YOU THE LOCATION, ONCE I AM DONE WITH HIM.' After a few minutes the monitor lit up with the map of the city. There was a red 'x' on the map. "Get a squad there, asap." Beckett barked. "And have tech search this computer." As she finished the sentence the CPU beeped. The monitor was counting down. Every one looked at it in horror. Not to long ago, some cops died in a bomb blast. There were in crime scene and the perp decided to take out some cops too. That was a suitcase bomb. Three beeps and boom. If it was the same bomb no one in the room had a chance. Beckett instinctively leaped. "JUMP FOR COVER" All the officers ran for cover. There was a flash of light. They looked at the computer. The CPU looked fried. Beckett looked at the monitor. It read. 'BYE, SEE YOU. BTW THE NAME IS ... NIGHT-KNIGHT. I AM THE NEW HERO IN TOWN.'
The city full them, heroes. They had their own brand of justice and because of that the situation was getting worse. Crime had peeked. A war brewed between the cops, the gangs and the vigilantes. It was not pretty. The mayor had the idea to register these vigilantes. Include them in the fight against crime. Initially the vigilantes were reluctant to register as they did want their identities to be public. But after they were assured that the entire process would be kept under wraps, they agreed to the registration. There are two types of a registered vigilantly; hero and rouge. The heroes, worked with the police in solving crimes. They were paid a set salary. Most of the heroes had patrolling duties. They knew their areas well and that left the cops to handle the bigger things. There were some heroes who highly skilled worked closely with the police. Like the Dream Stalker the psychologist he is an expert at interrogating. He has pulled out a lot of information from the toughest nuts. The rogues, they are very different, they were usually heroes who liked working alone. They were registered and they helped when needed. But they largely worked alone. Her ex-partner had gone rouge. He believes that the system is corrupt. She still believed in the system, but now and again she too has her doubts.

New recruits are brought in and registered by a hero or a cops. That meant it was her job to register Night-Knight. An officer walks up to her and brakes her thought. “Yes” “Ma’am just got word, they have caught Sharp Shot. This was around his neck.” He hands detective Beckett a phone. On the phone there was a photo of a sign around Sharp-shot’s neck. It read: ‘sharp shot go night-knight :)’. Is this night-knight fellow a kid, Beckett wondered. Would explain the name. “I want both scenes swept with a fine tooth comb. Keep me posted” “Yes, Ma’am.” She stepped outside the building into the cold. May be the cold air will clear her mind. She crossed the street and lit a cigarette. She wanted to be alone. It helped her to think when she was far away from it all. “Those are bad for, you know.” said a voice from the dark alley behind her. It was pitch black she couldn’t see anything. She dropped the cigarette, turned around with her gun drawn. “Who is there? Come out! Slowly, with your arms up.” “Easy there. I am just looking out for you. The name is Night-Knight. Remember? I am just here to give you some thing.” He throws a usb thumb drive at her feet from the shadows. Beckett swings the gun and points it at the direction where the thumb drive was thrown. “How can I trust you? How do I know you didn’t kill the man and framed sharp shot.” “Well, firstly the video here will back me up and I didn’t kill sharp shot. You know that? Would be mighty stupid of me to leave a witness behind, wouldn’t it.” “Any how ma'am. Until we me meet again. I am off. Bye” “Hey, stay put or I’ll shoot.” She herd the buzzing noise, like a motor starting. There was light that came form the alley, it blinded her. A motorcycle rode right past her and zoom away. Its silent, she realized. Probably one of those electric ones. It is pointless pursuing. It was too fast. She looked at the usb drive at her feet and picked it up. She walked back to the building. There, two offices standing next to her car. Too preoccupied among themselves to have notice what just happened. She walked up to them, “Hey, give this to tech. tell them to let me know if they find any thing.” Then she sat in her car “What-a-day.” she turned the ignition and drove off. 


It was a cold night in the city. Eshaan liked to go out for a walk at this time. With all the crime around the streets were empty. People had a false hope that they were safe in their homes. It was funny. He didn't have to worry, not since the accident. 

He hears a shot gun load. he looks up, there was large figure.

"Your money or I will blow you brains" Barked the mugger.

Eshaan smiles. In a swift motion he disarms the mugger and breaks the shut gun.

"What are you?" The mugger asks in horror.

Eshaan continues his stroll. Ignoring the mugger on the ground.

Eshaan's phone beeps. Its a message from Night Knight.

'Meet me on 34th Albert street.'

Eshaan closes his eyes. there is  a flash of light.

The mugger stares as Eshaan vanishes into thin air.

Eshaan appears next to a board that read Albert  Street.

He replies to the txt. 'I am here. waiting.'

A few seconds later. A bike come and stops in front of him.

"You are late.''

"I am not the one who can teleport" Night Knight replied.

"Fair enough. So I heard sharpie found your Safe house. "

"Ya" Night Knight hesitated "thats a long story. Right now I need the data base access keys. My terminal is kind of fried."

"You used the self dist...."

Before he could finish the sentence a car swerved and stopped in front them. The door flung open. It was Detective Beckett, gun drawn.

“Don’t move, hands where I can see them”

“How did you find us.” Night Knight exclaimed.
“The tracker on your bike that is how. ” Beckett replied,  with a smirk. She points the gun at Eshaan and asks “Who are you?”

“Eshaan, can you please lower the gun before someone gets hurt.”

“I am here to get some answers, and to take night knight into custody”

“He told you he didn’t kill anyone.”

“He fled a crime scene and he needs to be registered.”

“He is not an animal that he needs to be registered.” Saying this Eshaan put one hand on night knight and the other on his bike. 

"Wait!" Beckett interrupted "Lets make a deal." 

CHAPTER 4 (final) 

“That was the last that anyone had heard from them.” Beckett to the chief of police. “They may have changed their identities, they may have also fled the city. No one knows where they are. Who they are. I suggest it's best we concentrate on other cases”  

“I guess you are right.” The Chief agreed.

As Beckett exited the office she got a text. ‘Mission Accomplished?’ She replied ‘Yes’.

Her phone beeped again ‘Night Knight’.