Chapter One: Memory
Have you woken up in the morning with no memory of what you did last night.  May be, when one has a little too much to drink. But what if you lost two years of your life. Just like that gone, poof. The people who you met, the places you went to, the things you did. Horrible right?

It was early morning, the doctors  are taking their rounds. Checking on their assigned patient. Surbhi, had just joined the hospital. Her boss, Dr. Singh was always late. So she took the morning round on his behalf. She was going to check her first patient of the day. This was a puzzling case. He was in a coma for the past three days. There was really nothing wrong with him, other that the fact that he was in a coma. His vitals were normal, no internal trauma, all organs looked healthy. In fact some doctors say he looked healthier than what he did when he was brought in. She walked in his room and scanned at the monitor. Normal, like always. She began to make a note on the chart. She noticed the patient’s hand was twitching. “Eshaan” hoping he would open his eyes. “If you can hear me move your index finger.” Nothing happened. “Eshaan” a little louder this time hoping he would hear her this time. Her eyes were fixed at his hand, as to not to miss the slightest movement. “I can do one better” Eshaan says  “I can talk.” That took Surbhi by surprise. She stood up. “Yes, that's better” she didn’t know what to do. 

“I have a few questions to ask you. Just a min.” Dr. Singh had instructed her to ask certain question when Eshaan came into conscious and to page him. She took her phone out her pocket and sent him a message. Turned to Eshaan. “That’s an iPhone, right. ” Eshaan asked her. She nodded. “Neat, you wanted to ask me some questions.” Eshaan was sitting up now. He had managed to prop up the bed. It was hard to believe that he was in a coma a second ago.

“Okay, first question. What is your full name.”
“Eshaan Mathur”
“Your date of birth”
“Second June nine teen … eigthy nine.”
“What year is it.”
“Its ammm 2010 I think.”

“Hmm...ok” she checked her phone again. Dr. Singh had replied to her message. He will reach in 5 minutes. She had to meet him in his office. “Dr. Singh should meet you soon. Rest till then.”

“What happened to me?” Eshaan  asked.

“We are not sure, but you have been here for three days, in a coma. I will just be back. Please rest.”

Three days, I was in a coma for three days. That was a lot to take in. She had left in a hurry I wondered if there was more to the story! I mean why was I in a coma what happened? I tried to search within to see if I remember anything before I woke up. May be it was the convocation party. Just then my sister charged into the room. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. It was nice to see a familiar face!

Palavi was overjoyed. Her brother was better. These three days were the worse yet. They heard about it  from his friend, Akshay.

“If you wanted us to come and meet you all you had to do was ask.” Palavi joked. Eshaan smiled.

“Anyway, how have you been?” he inquired. “How goes the preparations for your GCSE exams.” Palavi was confused! Those got over last year. How could he not know that. She remembered what the doctor told them.

When Eshaan, regains conscious there is  chance that he shows signs of amnesia. There were signs of brain damage in the MRI. But they were not sure. The next time they could scan was after three days.

“I am going and getting Mom and Dad.” Palavi said heading for the door.

That was the second time some one ran out like that. I can hear my sister discussing with my mom and dad. There was someone else there - they are so loud I can hear them. Someone mention I have... amnesia. Amnesia! That means I have lost memory. I look to my left there is a newspaper on the bedside table. The date is 4th October 2012. I can’t be true, its a horrible, horrible trick! I couldn’t have lost a that much time. Could I?

Dr.  Singh enters the room, followed by Eshaan Mother, Father, Sister and Dr. Surbhi. Eshaan, could see the worry in his family eyes.  He knew what was next. They saw he was holding a newspaper.

“Is this todays paper?” Eshaan asked everyone.

“No, yesterdays” Surbhi answered breaking the awkward silence.

Dr. Singh gave her a look.

“Doctor, give it to me straight.” Eshaan directed the question at Dr. Singh. “Have I lost it.” Pointing to his head.

“We have to run some tests” Dr. Singh replied.

“Okay, when do we start.”

Dr. Singh was relived that Eshaan figured it out on his own, and saved him the trouble. But without tests they couldn’t be sure. “I will go, get the tests ready. We should start as soon as possible.”

Dr. Singh left the room. Surbhi followed, she glaceed back. She saw Mr. Mathur was consoling Eshaan. How must he be feeling, one can’t even imagine. Surbhi began to wonder as she followed Dr. Singh.

“Dr. Chaudry.”
“Yes” Surbhi repiled.
“Get everything set up for the tests.”
“Yes sir. Will you be conducting the test.”
“No, you do them. Give me the results.”

Chapter 2: The test

Four o’clock was the time for my test. I was ready to do what it takes. I told Mom, Dad and Palavi to leave. There was nothing to worry about, other that the lost memory. That wasn’t going to come back any soon.

“Eshaan.” Surbhi we are ready to begin when you are. “Can you get up”. Eshaan nodded and began to get up from the bed the nurse was removing the drip needed and the pads that were stuck to check his vitals. Eshaan then stood up.

“Relax, not so fast.” Surbhi walked up to help him.
“Thank you.” He held her hand for support, though he didn’t need. He felt that it was rude if he didn’t.

“Are you sure you are fine?” Surbhi enquired. He looked a little wobbly.

“Yes, been in bed for three days will do a number on the legs.” He joked.

Eshaan stretched his legs. They were a little sore, like when you wake up in the morning.

“This way, Eshaan” Surbhi instructed. “To the right, I will be right with you.”

They walked down the corridor to the lift lobby, silently. They entered the lift.

“So” Eshaan was trying to break the silence. “Been long here.”
“Huh” Surbhi was caught off guard. “No I just joint a week ago.”
“Interesting.” Eshaan said, trying to think what to say next.
The elevator stopped. They walk out and enter exam room 5.

There was had big cylindrical object in the middle of the room. It looked like something out science fiction movie. “What is that” Eshaan asked Surbhi. “That’s the MRI machine.” “Please lie down here” Surbhi gestured to the flat bet jutting out of the machine. Eshaan lay down. Surbhi began to  strap him in and clicked a big red button. Surbhi then went to the next room.

She clicked the intercom button. “Eshaan, you there?”

“Yup, you strapped me up pretty well. No scope for escape.” Eshaan replied.

Surbhi smiled. “Okay lets begin. ” “I want you to be still, okay”


The machine did its thing Eshaan closed his eyes. In the observation room, Surbhi was looking at screen intently as image started to render. As the image finished rendering, one thing was clear. There was nothing wrong. Eshaan’s brain was healthy. No damage what so ever. She compared it with the image they took earlier. This can’t be right. She thought to her self. The brain looked like it healed. There were slight signs of damage in the old one. Dr. Singh said he had figured the amnesia was because of that, it was an open and shut case. He wanted the second scan to be sure. This wouldn’t make him happy.

With the MRI scan over, I slowly open my eyes and see Surbhi, standing looking at me. May be it the light in the room ubt I hadn’t realised just how beautiful she is, she looks like an angel. I wondered when all this is over I should asked her out?

Surbhi help Eshaan up and walked him to other exam rooms and then back to his room. She hoped Eshaan didn’t ask her anything about the tests. She had to discuss it with Dr. Singh.

“You rest. I will be back.” Surbhi pointed at the files in her hand. “Got to give these to Dr. Singh.”


That's all I could say at the time. I opened the door and entered the room. There is a girl standing there with her back to the door. I dubbed backed, checked the room number. It is my room. I walked back in the room. She must have heard me cause she was now looking at the door. She charges towards me arms wide and gives me a hug. It feels nice, warm, familiar. But I can't remember who she is, and why did I get these feelings. I was confused but I hugged her back.

“I am sorry, Eshaan. I thought I lost you.” Amy said gripping Eshaan. She felt, Eshaan’s grip on her loosen. She let go. She could now see the confusion in his eyes.

“Listen, I am really sorry. But i don’t know if Palavi told you, I have lost memory. And I can’t seem to recognise who you are, I am sorry.” Amy excitement turned into disappointment. Palavi had told her that, she refuse to believe. She thought her meeting him would magically cure him. She had instructed all his friends that she wanted to meet him first. “I am Amy. Your girlfriend.”

I can hear the disappointment in her voice. That makes me feel worse. Bad enough I didn’t remember events. I don’t remember the people I met. I didn’t even remember I had girlfriend. I sat down on the couch. Amy was there, trying to cheer me up. She was talk I wasn’t listening to her. I was trying to make sense of the situation now.

“We leave Eshaan for two seconds and you have him looking all dazed and confused.”  Raj.

“Shut up, Raj.” Amy rebutted. “Let Eshaan be. He needs his rest. He is not well.”

“Now who is getting all protective. Where were you doing when he called you?” Raj asked.

“WE HAD A FIGHT. Let it go already.” Amy was furious.

“I did. You know what your problem is ... ”

“SHUT UP. All of you.” that was Surbhi. “out, out now. The patient needs his rest.”

Eshaan looked up he looked relived. Raj and Akshay proceeded to leave the room. Amy stayed behind.

“Ma’am, please that means you too.”

“But I am his girl friend.” Amy pleaded.

“Amy, please. There is a lot going on its difficult for me to make sense.” Eshaan requested.
Amy left. She wasn’t very happy. She gave Surbhi a cold shoulder. Surbhi looked at Eshaan and smiled. He mouthed ‘Thank you’ as Amy stormed out.

“By the way, I think she forgot her phone.” Eshaan was holding up a phone.

“That’s yours” Surbhi told glancing at the phone. “You should really rest now.”

She left the room.

Chapter 3: Realisation

Rest, like I could do that, I had a girlfriend. Friends who I didn’t recognised. God knows what other surprises were in store for me. I look at my hand I was still holding my phone. I didn’t even know what model it was, I pride myself knowing that. I unlocked it. I started going  through the phone. I thought maybe I could find something there. I went to the photo gallery and was flipping through the pictures, then it happened. The feeling when you get that one answer in an exam you knew but not quite. I was exited, as I kept flipping thought the images, I began to recollect what happened when they were taken. I knew when I last fought with Amy, that was a week back. I shouted Eureka and slammed my hand on the table broke the glass and cut myself.

Surbhi was heading back to tell Eshaan about the test results, she heard a scream and a glass break. She rushed and open the door to see Eshaan was holding his bleeding hand. There were broken shards of glass everywhere. Eshaan looked at her and smiled. “I remember.” Surbhi quickly got the first aid kit out. She took out a hand full of cotton wool to clean the blood out. She asked Eshaan to show the cut. He showed his palm which had a tiny cut. That can’t be it, she looked up at him, puzzled. He gestured with his eyes to look again. She looked at the had. There was no cut if it weren't for the blood you couldn’t even tell if he had cut him self.

“I will explain everything, just promise me you won’t tell anybody.”

Surbhi nodded. She dressed the hand as Eshaan told her how did he loose his memory, what happened to him and why did his cut vanish. That is so crazy, she thought to herself.  But its sometimes the crazy explanations that make sense.

“Is everything okay?” Dr. Singh was at the door. Amy was there too, along with Palavi.

“Nothing, my hand slipped, I cut my self. Dr. Surbhi was just dressing it.” Eshaan replied.

“Thank you. Doctor” Eshaan thanked Surbhi for dressing.

“Are you okay dear.” Amy came rushing almost pushing Surbhi away. Amy held Eshaan’s bandaged hand.

“Also I have something to tell, my memory is back. I remember” Eshaan announced. Everyone was puzzled. But before anyone could react. Eshaan continued “I remember we broke up, a week ago.” He handed Amy a his phone with the break up text she had sent. “ Palavi, you aced your GCSE and the year is 2012.” Eshaan explained that after Amy, Raj and Akshay left. He began to see his phone he had got to the gallery and started going through the photos, he started getting back memory. “Its hard to explain what was the trigger but the good news is I remember.” Eshaan said smiling.

“Do you remember what happened to you before you woke up here.” Dr. Singh asked.
“No doctor.” Eshaan. “In due time, I guess. Nothing that a bit of therapy can’t solve.”

Dr. Singh left the room.

Chapter 4: Truth

“It has been 2 weeks since I got discharged and Dr. Sigh recommended I should go to you.”

The therapist was scribbling something on her pad as Eshaan had told the story. She looked up.

“Okay then, I can’t tell you if you will remember everything. But we will see how it goes. Once a week works for you?”

“Once a week is perfect.”

“Okay then take an appointment at the reception.”

Eshaan nodded and bid farewell. He got out the office to the street.

The truth is that he remembers every bit of what happened.

It was a Saturday, he was still upset that Amy broke up with him. He went to his spot, to think it though. How could he fix this situation. As he was settling down he saw a light in the sky. It was getting bigger, it was getting closer. It hit the ground a few hundred meters from him. He went to investigate. Anything to divert his mind. As he got closer he could see a it looked like a spacecraft. Eshaan took out his phone and click the record button. No one is going to believe him. He told himself. He was about a few meters away when the ‘door’ of the space craft opened. Eshaan froze, an mechanical arm came and scanned. Eshaan didn’t move. After the craft finished scanning it projected a holographic recording.

“You have been selected by the engineers to receive the gift. Should the gift accept you, you shall live.”

Another door opened. There was a crystal in the heart of the craft. The crystal began glowing, blue. It got brighter. Eshaan now was frozen. He wanted to run but his instincts were  telling him to stay there. The blue light became brighter and shot out of the crystal. The next thing Eshaan remembered was waking up in the hospital.

When he was checking his phone is when he stumbled on to this video. The only other person who knew about this was Surbhi. Only they knew he had super powers.

Eshaan  walks to a corner of the street, he took out his phone. Open google maps. Typed ‘new york city’. Then street view. He wanted to test out his latest power. He looked at the image. He shut his eyes, imagining the picture he just saw. When he opened them again he was in a street in new york. It worked, he similes. He always wanted to travel the world. He sends a text to Surbhi.

‘It worked. :)’

The End 
(for now)