The Neighbor (The Fortuneteller - Chapter 2)

Hi again, a lot has changed since the last diary entry. I must admit, forgot I had one. To get you up to speed with my life. I have graduated from college, working and staying alone in a small apartment. Unfortunately, I am still single and I am totally over the fortuneteller. Seriously, I am!

 The day started like any other,  got up, made coffe and I took my dog for a walk. On the way back, I saw that someone was moving into the neighboring apartment. I tried to peek, but my dog was desperate to go back home an pulled me in.

As I stepped in the intercom rang, I picked it up and answered it. It was a girl. She had a beautiful voice. It was gentle, soft, sweet and familiar.

Could she be the fortuneteller? That was difficult to be sure of as since then I have been seeing the fortuneteller, hearing her voice everywhere I go. I know its not good to go gaga over one girl but I thought she was the one. Now I know better, there is no such thing like fate and there is no one. There are miss opportunities thought. I was not going to miss any other opportunities.

The girl on the intercom was my new neighbor and would like to meet me. I was confused. Why would she want to meet me? Probably she might be one of those.  Who believe we should know our neighbors. I though, whats the harm? What could possibly go wrong, and agreed. Just as I put the receiver down. I realized that had not fixed the time and obviously how would I meet her if the time wasn’t fixed. How stupid of me. Just as was going to pick the intercom to call, it rang. I picked up the phone. it was the neighbor. 

"I forgot to set a time, silly me!"

"No problem"

"So, I will see you at 8."


 So now the time was set for 8:00. This time I was a bit certain that, she was the [link ]fortuneteller. But who could tell, I had spent such a little time with her and it was so long ago. May be I was mistaken.

I looked at my watch the time was 7:45 am there was still 15 minutes left for her to come. I started making my breakfast and washed the dog’s bowel which he had licked clean. Time passed. The bell rang at 7:57. I had just finished my breakfast. She is early. I got up and got up and answered the door. 

It was a salesman he wanted to sell creams I asked him to leave, politely. I don't need cream to make me fair. They just bug me, sometimes. Well that is their job, they can’t help it. Just as close the door, the bell rang again. I opened the door and shouted thinking that it was the same sales clerk. To my surprise it wasn’t, surprise number two was that it was the new neighbor, surprise number three was that she was the Fortuneteller… I was speechless (for a while). After I collected my cool. I quickly apologized. I asked her if she wanted some thing to eat. She said she was famished from the moving in, I invited her in. I can't believe I finally met her, I finally met the “pretty” mysterious fortuneteller.