The Fortuneteller

I was in a fair alone and bored. It was a Sunday afternoon and after a horrible week I could use some distraction in my life. Most people go to the fair with their girlfriends or friends or boy friends. I had gone alone. As I entered the fair I went searching for a food stall. Hunger, one of our basic needs. I found a stall that sold mo-mos, the smell was inviting. I asked for a plate. While I was eating I saw a girl in the crowd.

She was beautiful. She was wearing a white top with jeans and a color full scarf. It was like everyone around her were blobs and I could only see her. Okay I am being a little dramatic. I saw she was talking with somebody, I couldn't get a good look. All of a sudden she look in my direction. So as to not get caught staring at her I turned my head in the opposite direction and pretended to be lost in thought. Which I was, I was lost in thought about her. If she has a boyfriend or if she would even talk to me. I do that a lot , over think things may be that is the reason I dont have a girl in my life. I mean I have friends who are girls but no girl friends. I decided I should try and talk to this girl, I mean with the week I had even a rejection from her would be a good thing. I took a look back at her and saw she was walking towards the stalls in the west end of the fair. There was a smaller crowd there, it may be easier to strike a conversation with her.

I couldn't keep up with her and lost her in the crowd. White was a very common color that day.
"You will meet someone special today. Do you want to know who she is ? Its just Rs 100" a voice said form my right. I looked and saw a girl sitting. I looked up at the sign. It read ' Come and learn about your future'. I don't want to know my future. ma'am my present is messed as it is, I replied. I gave her the 100 bucks for the one fortune she told me. That gave me hope. I know its sad but it felt right at that time. She took the money and wrote something on a peace of paper. "Open it at the end of the day." she gave me te paper.
I gave up searching for the girl and went to a coffe stall, they had a place to sit there. I found a place to sit. As I was sitting saw the girl, she was looking at me, and smiling. I looked to see if any one was there behind me; there was on one responding to the breathtaking smile. When I turned back she was standing in front of me. She asked me my name I stammered “esh..aa..n, w..why? She giggled (my heart raced as if I was running in the Olympics ) “I’ve never heard some one with a surname ‘why’.” That was an ice breaker or alarm to the real world I don’t know, but realizing what happened I corrected myself. She told me her name, it was, crap I cant remember it. I know it had a 'N' in it. We explored the fair together. I enjoyed every moment of it. Time flew.

The next day I woke up in my apartment, alone. I was confused, had I dreamt what had happen in the fiar? I made coffe and a put my hand in my pockets and found a piece of paper. The piece of paper the fortuneteller gave me. It read,

Hi I am the fortuneteller, I really like you. I am the " special someone" you are suppose to meet. I will be seeing you shortly. Also my number is 9812234567 in case you ever want to call me.

I was shocked; I thought that was a dream! Or am I still dreaming? I called the number but there was no reply… after a few tries I finally left a message on her answering machine. I am still waiting for a reply, reply from the “pretty” mysterious fortuneteller.