The Dream

“ Please fasten your seat belts …” the captain voice echoed  from the sound system. Finally, Eshaan thought to himself, some peace and quite. Today wasn’t the best day at work. He had to speak out of turn in the meeting. Well that fatso was asking for it. Why should they need to fire the whole department. The good news was that he did not have to work there any more. Bad news, he had just quit. He was going back home for a fresh start. Right now worrying wouldn’t help. Now its time to rest. He closed his eyes and sank into his chair.

The plane taxied down the runway and took off.

‘Ding-dong’  … Eshaan woke up from his brief nap. What was that ?  He scanned the cabin, the air-hostess had finished their safety demo and the seat belt sign was switched off. Today's super jets didn't take much time to reach cursing altitude, Eshaan though to himself.  He unhooked his seat belt and made his way to the washroom. As he came closer to the washroom the seat belt indicator came back on.

“We are having turbulence trouble, so if you please sit on your seats.” The air hostess announced. As Eshaan hurried back to his seat, jet swerved to the right and lights out.

Ouch! Zane opened his eyes. There were trees all around him, he dusted himself got up. He was so excited! He had discovered the lost temple of the Omegas. In his excitement he tripped over a log. That was not going to stop, him not now. He was so close. The bushes rustled. He stopped moving and began assessing the situation. “ Its just my imagination ” . He assured himself. A twig snapped behind him. He turned. There was a large black body with glowing eyes. It looked like a panther.
He drew his gun.  The creature charged with gaping jaws. See the creature flying at him Zane took a shot. He missed. The creature returned. It charged again this time knocking the gun out of his hands.

Zane was disarmed. The gun was out of his reach. He saw only one way out , the temple. Zane slowly knelt down and picked up a stone. As the creature charged he threw the stone right at it. The stone hit the creature in between its eyes. Zane sized the opportunity and bolted for the temple. 

Zane reached the temple. That was quick, he wondered, may be it was the adrenaline. He checked to see how far the creature was.

He is far but will eventually catch up to me. I need to get inside the building.

Zane looked at the door they was some thing written on it.

    "Only the worthy can enter."

Hope I am worthy enough. Zane muttered and pushed the door. The door opened with a mourn. It was like the door hadn’t been open since it was put there.  Zane squeezed though the opening and shut the door.

Once inside Zane turned away from the door.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD …?” Zane exclaimed.

There was a corridor in front of him. The only source of light was coming from the space between the floor and walls. Weird. Zane thought. The walls were also covered by unearthly carvings. Indiana Jones would feel at home. He smiled. Probably he was the only one who would understand his joke.

He studied the carving. He was in the right place. "Fascinating, I only wish I had my camera right now". He pressed on.  He saw there was a room in the end of the corridor. The room had a single source of light in the center. He walked towards the light carefully. As he came closer he saw the light was a staff. As he came close it seemed the the staff shone brighter and then dimmed. Zane was startled.  He studied the area around the staff and then the room. It didn't seem that there were any traps.

“In the movies this would better protected.” Zane said aloud.

“You're right!” A voice said.

A chill ran down his spine, he felt numb. Zane studied the room to figure out the source of the sound.

Zane took a breath in an  shouted “Who … is there?”.

“I am over here, Zane.”

It was the voice again. This time closer. Zane opened his eyes. There was no one in front of him. “What the … how do you know my name?” There was silence.

“ I know everything about you” the voice replied.

The voice, it  was a woman’s voice. “Okay, then who are you?” Zane shouted.

“I am Aura” the voice replied.

Zane was still not able to pin point from which point of the room the voice was coming from. It seemed as if it was coming from every where.

“I am the protector and keeper of the staff . And I intend to protect it from … ”

“Look I am not interested in stealing the staff ” Zane interrupted, “I am here ….” "SILENCE!" Aura shouted. She had heard the same story form every looter who came here, she had been deceived too many times to be fooled again. “You have come for the staff, I know it. You will die like the rest.”

“Look!” Zane said, “You’ve obviously gone through a lot lately, but I am telling the truth I don't want the staff. I can assure you.” Zane started backing away from that staff slowly. He felt like someone was there behind him.

This is so easy Aura thought. All I have to do is skewer him with my sword. But, this is not the way of a true warrior.
She lifted her hand and placed it on a switch and pulled it hard.

The room filled with light. Zane quickly closed his eyes. He felt like the sun was shining in his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes, as they adjusted to the light.

The room was lit now he could see the entire room. The walls were covered in carvings of birds, cat like creatures and so on. Zane stared scanning the room. His eyes fell on a beautiful woman. She was wearing armor, she had a sword in right hand. She had long blond hair soft features and blue eyes. She seemed to be glowing.
Wow, she is beautiful. He was paralyzed.

Aura charged towards Zane. What a way to die huh, Zane thought to himself. He couldn’t move. Aura lifted her sword and got ready to take a swing. Zane dogged it, missing the blade.

What? I didn’t know I could do that. Zane thought to himself. Aura tried a few more swings and missed. Either my reflexes have improved or she is a really that bad.

Before Aura could prepare to take another swing at him Zane caught her hand and twisted it till she dropped the sword. Zane the kicked the sword away from her.

The Myst

“Break it of both of  you.” Zane released his grip and turned .  He froze it was the creature. How did it find me? And it can talk. 
He look towards Aura she was on one knee with her head looking at the ground. 

“ You have passed. Zane”

What -- Zane whispered. He saw the creature walk towards him. Zane took a step back. His heart was pounding. 
This is a tiny room, he told himself, this thing can rip apart.

The creature was not two feet away from Zane. 

“Would you prefer my human from ?”  the creature asked Zane. 

Zane nodded, involuntarily. 

The creature metamorphed into a tall woman. She had sharp features and like Aura her eyes were blue and hair blond. She wore a white robe.

“ My name is Myst ” She said. She walked up to Zane and put he hand on his shoulders to calm him. 

In all his years he had not expressed any thing like what he was witnessing now. 

“Zane its time to train now. Aura will help you with that. ” Myst commanded. 

“Ouch, my head. ” Eshaan exclaimed as he woke up. He opened his eye. At first light filled his eyes. As his eyes adjusted he saw a silhouette of a woman looking at him. As his vision cleared he could see she had blonde hair,  blue eyes then her face .
“ Wow !” Eshaan said “your hot.” Did I say that aloud Eshaan thought to himself. He hoped no one herd that. 
“Are you alright?” Aura asked. “I am Aura. Whats your name.” “E … Eshaan …” he replied. He was now trying to sit up. “Who are you again?” Eshaan asked.